Giovanni Ogna e Figli S.r.l

Giovanni Ogna e Figli S.r.l is an Italian specialty pharmaceutical and dental company.

OGNA offers a high quality Italian one-stop-shop endodontic dental portfolio including local anaesthetics and CE marked medical devices.

Three local anaesthetics are complementary to OZALIN and RECOFOL: articaine, mepivicaine and lidocaine spray.

Specialised dental endodontic treatment products:

  • +40 CE marked brands in EU.
  • All registered in Italy & to be registered in EU.

OGNA® main product categories


Injectable and superficial anaesthetics such as lidocaine.


Endodontic medical devices focusing on root canal cementation.



Disinfection line of detergents and disinfectants for hands, instruments and surfaces.


Surgery line provides solutions for periodontium, mucosae and hemostatic.


Dental protection and treatment preservation products.

Hygiene and Prophylaxis

Fluorine gel for topic and application with ionophore and aromatic tablets for oral rinsing.


Includes solutions for gingival retraction and solutions to apply before imaging.