Anaesthesia Primex Pharmaceuticals



Primex Pharmaceuticals aims to become the leading global innovative anaesthesia company, and to expand in paediatric and orphan pharmaceuticals.



Help patients and pharmaceutical professionals with innovative products, new indications, formulations and chemical entities.

Primex develops products specializing in paediatric care.

Primex portfolio strategy

Existing Primex Product Portfolio

(the product rights were acquired from Bayer 2011)

  • Recofol N – propofol with MCT/LCT formulation
  • Recofol EDTA – propofol plus EDTA
  • Propanest VET – propofol for animals

OGNA Portfolio: (Primex acquired OGNA business in 2016)

  • Local Anaesthetic Portfolio – articaine, mepivicaine and lidocaine (spray & gel)
  • Endodontic Medical Devices (CE marked)
  • Range of dental products – Disinfectants, Conservation, Prosthetics

ADV6209: (the product rights were acquired from Advicenne 2016)

  • Unique oral paediatric sedative
  • Submitted for EU registration
  • Expect approval in Q2 2018