Anaesthesia Primex Pharmaceuticals

Primex Pharmaceuticals:

the leading global
‘commercially focused’
Anaesthesia company

Portfolio Strategy 2021 - 2026



Expand geographically with established products: RECOFOL & OGNA

Extend portfolio via new indications and acquisitions to strengthen ‘Triad’ of Anaesthesia

Primex portfolio strategy

Existing Primex Product Portfolio

Recofol (propofol):

  • Recofol N – propofol with MCT/LCT formulation
  • Recofol EDTA – propofol plus EDTA
  • Propanest VET – propofol for animals

OGNA Dental Portfolio: 

  • Local Anaesthetic Portfolio – articaine, mepivicaine and lidocaine (spray & gel)
  • Endodontic Medical Devices (CE marked)

OZALIN / OZASED* (2mg/ml oral midazolam solution):

  • ADV609 was the former name of the product
  • Licensed and approved for paediatric premedication and procedural sedation in the EU, UK and CH