Anaesthesia Primex Pharmaceuticals

About Us

Primex Pharmaceuticals is a fast-growing global specialty pharma company spearheading a new lean pharmaceutical business model.

Primex Pharmaceuticals aims to become the leading global innovative anaesthesia company, helping patients undergo a wide range of medical procedures, and to expand in paediatrics and orphan pharmaceuticals.

Triad Of Anaesthesia

With a portfolio of strong, trusted anaesthesia products from propofol-based products acquired from Bayer to the recent novel oral solution for paediatric anaesthesiology and procedural sedation. Primex will continue to identify and acquire new medications that complete the ‘Triad of Anaesthesia’.


Global Markets

The company is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland; all Primex products are manufactured in Europe.

Primex Pharmaceuticals has proven underlying business operations and historically strong revenue growth.