Primex Pharmaceuticals with the support of TheSi Farma, launch OZASED® in Italy

Zug, 16th April 2020, Swiss company Primex Pharmaceuticals is working with the contract sales company TheSi Farma to launch OZASED to the Paediatric Anaesthesia community in Italy.

OZASED® (oral midazolam) is indicated for children from 6 months to 17 years for moderate sedation before therapeutic or diagnostic procedures, and as premedication prior to anaesthesia. OZASED® comes ready to use and requires no preparation unlike the current practice of manipulating intravenous midazolam for oral administration in paediatric patients given the lack of alternative licensed oral solutions in the indication.

Alan Knox, CEO of Primex, comments: “Our collaboration with TheSi Farma allows Primex to enter the Italian market directly by managing the whole marketing and sales process through the promotion of OZASED® to the Paediatric Anaesthesia medical community. TheSi Farma also support Primex in the management of the process of distribution through an Italian wholesaler and into the Hospital pharmacies ensuring we are on the IHS national hospital platform. TheSi are a well-established company in the Italian market with significant expertise.”

For further information, please contact:
For further information, please contact:

OZASED® is called OZALIN® in some countries

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