OZALIN® continues to receive marketing authorization approvals across EU

Zug, 25th February 2020, Swiss company Primex Pharmaceuticals announces it has received international approval of the repeat use procedure for OZALIN® (ADV6209) involving the following 8 countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Greece and Poland.

This follows the decentralised regulatory approval and marketing authorization approval in France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Norway and Denmark at the end of 2018 for children from 6 months to 17 years for moderate sedation before therapeutic or diagnostic procedures, and as premedication prior to anaesthesia. OZALIN is commercialized in the above countries.

Alan Knox, CEO of Primex, comments: “This is another milestone for Primex in paediatric anaesthesia. This will allow us to expand the availability of OZALIN across Europe. Initially developed by Amiens Hospital in France, very few companies are developing medicines in paediatric anaesthesia and we are happy to offer a palatable oral solution developed by clinicians for children’s needs. The sales potential is over 100 million euros in Europe alone, but more importantly, we can really make a difference here.”

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Primex Pharmaceuticals is a leading global innovative anaesthesia company, expanding in paediatric pharmaceuticals.

Primex brings a portfolio of anaesthesia products helping patients undergo a wide range of medical procedures, including a novel, oral solution for paediatric sedation now approved in several markets in the European Union.

Primex Pharmaceuticals will continue to identify and bring to the market new medications that complete the Triad of Anaesthesia.

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OZALIN® is called OZASED® in some countries